Setu AA is the brand of Agya Technologies Pvt. Ltd, which has received a Certificate of Registration from the RBI to operate as an NBFC Account Aggregator.

Financial data flow made easy with Setu AA

Join India's fastest growing account aggregator system and offer beautiful consumer experiences through developer-friendly infrastructure.

For FIUs →

Financial Information Users (FIUs)

For FIPs →

Financial Information Providers (FIPs)

For FIUs →

Access financial data from your customers through simple API calls.

For FIPs →

Enable smooth data sharing in a secure, low-cost, and compliant manner.


Financial Information Users (FIUs) are entities that collect user data to provide services like loans, insurance, or wealth management.


Access rich financial data with user consent

Collect customer’s data and enable seamless on-boarding.
Verify income, monitor credit, enable personal finance management, and more, with a single integration.

Why integrate with Setu AA as an FIU?

Offer a super smooth UX

Use intuitive UX flows that allow customers to easily link accounts and manage consent, all while optimising for conversion on your onboarding flows.

White-labelled solutions

Set custom logo, colours, fonts, and language to match your brand with our themeable UI.

Unlock diverse use cases

From continuous loan monitoring to expense tracking, create products on top of financial data that your users have agreed to share.

Explore a rich sandbox

Test mock flows for user registration, data requests, consent approvals, rejections or expiry.

Try hassle-free integrations

We take care of regulatory and technical requirements, so you can focus on what you do best - building consumer financial services.

Data straight from financial institutions

Get authentic and verified data directly from the institutions where your customers have accounts.


Financial Information Providers (FIPs) are institutions such as banks and NBFCs that hold user data.


Enable seamless, authenticated data sharing

Quickly and easily onboard as an FIP—enable data sharing in an encrypted, low-cost, and consent backed manner.
Get rich insights about your customer on their consent sharing behaviour.

Why integrate with Setu AA as an FIP?

Assured information security standards

Setu AA is an IS audited company. We ensure cloud partner SOC 2 compliance.

Quick integration, certification, and go-live

Connect to all AAs via a Setu integration, at no extra cost.

A multi AA connectivity suite

Connect your CBS & transform data to match the ReBIT FIP specifications.

An insightful FIP dashboard

Reporting, analytics, and insights on data fetches, customer data sharing patterns and intents.

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